Martin Dobson Associates

Tree Safety Inspections

Trees are usually safe structures. But occasionally they can cause damage or injury as a result of a branch breaking or the tree uprooting due to the development of various infections or structural weaknesses – which tend to become more pronounced with increasing age. In many cases hazards can be readily identified in advance of a tree suffering a failure. Tree owners owe a duty of care to people who may be affected by a hazardous tree but often don’t know what features to look for.

If a tree owner lacks the necessary expertise to assess risk that is when competent arboricultural advice should be sought.

Martin Dobson Associates have considerable experience in identifying hazardous trees and providing comprehensive reports recommending work necessary to make them safe. We don’t operate a tree surgery business so you can be sure that our advice is independent.

A system known as Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) is used for inspecting trees and this is supplemented where necessary by decay detecting equipment.

We undertake tree safety inspection for corporate clients, public bodies such as the NHS and private individuals.


This tree fell across a railway line and was hit by an intercity train causing £300,000 worth of damage. It could have been avoided if the tree had been inspected before it fell onto the track.